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Few places in the world pack in as much culture per square meter as Europe does… and nobody packs quite as much fun into Europe cruises as Carnival does! Traveling Europe on a cruise is like sailing through time, with your ship stopping at historic ports across the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. But this is no museum… the cities you visit are today living, breathing hotbeds of culture. Soak in the espresso-fueled — yet somehow, fundamentally unhurried — street life from the comfort of a sidewalk café, as your Europe cruise takes you to choice seaports dotting the coasts of Italy, Greece, Sicily, Spain, France and other historic lands. Experience the daily bustle of European city life as you traverse narrow, winding cobblestone streets that mark their age in centuries.

  • Sip an espresso in quaint open-air cafés.
  • Explore historical buildings, ruins and cathedrals that are older than many countries.
  • Check out museums and statues... and always read the plaques.